Need an Expedited Visa? Los Angeles-Based Arista Passport and Visa Services Can Help

Located just blocks away from Disney and Warner Bros. in the Burbank media district, Arista is the go-to agency for the special demands of the entertainment industry. We specialize in expediting visas to China, Brazil, Russia, India and can produce a same-day turnaround sometimes with no more than a day’s notice. Whether you are a senior executive, an artist, an entire crew, a school group, or a family with children, Arista can help you complete the necessary paperwork and get the expedited visa into your hands in record time.


  • A VISA is a consulate-issued stamp on a traveler’s passport.
  • This stamp is issued by the consulate or embassy of the country being visited by the traveler as a permission, or acceptance, of the traveler’s request to visit their country.
  • A VISA is not a right. It is a request for permission to go visit a certain country. If granted, it is only the green light to board a flight to that country. The entry permission will be confirmed by the immigration officer, or authority, at the port of entry.
  • One word: reciprocity. This reciprocity, or retaliation, is dictated by diplomatic agreements between countries.
  • For example: A Russian citizen wants to visit the USA as a tourist. The USA requires citizens of Russia to submit an entry VISA (permission to enter) application at a local US consulate in Russia. Therefore, if a US citizen wants to visit Russia, the Russian government will require the US citizen to submit an entry VISA application at a local Russian consulate in the US.
  • A VISA is not a right, it is a request for permission to go visit a certain country. If granted, it is only the green light to board a flight to that country. The entry permission will be confirmed by the immigration officer, or authority, at the port of entry.

  • The type of VISA you should apply for is to be determined by the consulate, not you. It is based on your activities in the country you are about to go visit. Usually, consulates and embassies have displayed this information and the respective requirements on their websites. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact them or contact us at Arista for clarification.
  • “BUT I JUST NEED A TOURIST VISA, I’M ONLY GOING FOR A DAY OR TWO AND I’M NOT GETTING PAID WHILE I’M THERE SINGING ON STAGE, PROMOTING MY MOVIE OR STUDYING THEIR LANGUAGE” – Do NOT assume that you already know what type of visa is the proper type for you. This is seen by foreign authorities as arrogance and an attempt to break their immigration laws. If they catch this intention and attitude, you will experience a push back. You cannot move forward on your trip arrangements if the consulate barres you from obtaining your visa. The consulate is the authority. Without their consent and VISA, your trip will simply not happen. You will have to work around them, and typically, consulates do NOT accommodate your needs.
  • The information on consulate websites is usually up-to-date. If you are not able to fit yourself and your activities in a particular foreign country to their list of VISA types and requirements, please do not hesitate to contact the consulate or Arista for clarification. 
  • Remember: you are asking for permission to visit their homeland. Be PATIENT, truthful and thorough in the VISA application process and you’ll be on your way.
  • Validity: VISAS don’t get renewed. They are usually granted for anywhere between 2 days and 10 years. Which means you will need to check for the validity of your previous VISA every time you are planning to travel again to that particular country.
  • If you DO need another entry VISA, even though you’ve had a previous VISA for that same country, you are required to go through the VISA process again, all the way from the top, which includes paying the same fees as before and presenting again the required documentation.
  • Usually, you do not have to apply for another entry VISA if your visa is valid for MULTIPLE ENTRIES and you did not overstay your permission on your previous trip. Please check with the consulate or with us at Arista.

ATTENTION! Do NOT ship your documents to Arista under any circumstance without communicating with us by phone or email first. Do NOT ship your materials for 8 AM DELIVERY unless instructed to do so.

Visa Requirements

Please select the country you require information from the list below. If the information you require is unavailable, please contact us by submitting a VISA INQUIRY FORM.

Albania visa

Algeria visa

Angola visa

Argentina visa

Armenia visa

Australia visa

Austria visa

Azerbaijan visa

Bahrain visa

Bangladesh visa

Belarus visa

Belgium visa

Belize visa

Benin visa

Bhutan visa

Bolivia visa

Bosnia Herzegovina visa

Botswana visa

Brazil visa

Brunei Darussalam visa

Bulgaria visa

Burkina Faso visa

Burundi visa

Cameroon visa

Canada visa

Chad visa

Chile visa

China visa

Cocos Islands visa

Colombia visa

Costa Rica visa

Croatia visa

Czech Republic visa

Djibouti visa

Dominica visa

Dominican Republic visa

Egypt visa

El Salvador visa

Estonia visa

Ethiopia visa

Fiji visa

Finland visa

France visa

French Guiana visa

Ghana Haiti visa

Honduras visa

Hong Kong visa

Hungary visa

India visa

Indonesia visa

Iran visa

Iraq visa

Ireland visa

Israel visa

Italy visa

Ivory Coast visa

Jamaica visa

Japan visa

Jordan visa

Kazakhstan visa

Kenya visa

Kuwait visa

Kyrgyzstan visa

Laos visa

Latvia visa

Lebanon visa

Liberia visa

Lithuania visa

Luxembourg visa

Macau visa

Macedonia visa

Madagascar visa

Malawi visa

Malaysia visa

Martinique visa

Mauritania visa

Mauritius visa

Mexico visa

Mongolia visa

Montenegro visa

Morocco visa

Mozambique visa

Myanmar visa

Namibia visa

Nepal visa

Netherlands visa

New Zealand visa

Nicaragua visa

Nigeria visa

Norway visa

Oman visa
Pakistan visa

Palestine visa

Panama visa

Paraguay visa

Peru visa

Philippines visa

Poland visa

Portugal visa

Puerto Rico visa

Qatar visa Romania visa

Russia visa

Rwanda visa

Saudi Arabia visa

Senegal visa

Serbia visa

Sierra Leone visa

Singapore visa

Slovak Republic visa

Slovenia visa

Somalia visa

South Africa visa

South Korea visa

Spain visa

Sri Lanka visa

Sudan visa

Suriname visa

Sweden visa

Switzerland visa

Syria visa

Taiwan visa

Tanzania visa

Thailand visa

Timor Leste visa

Tunisia visa

Turkey visa

Turkmenistan visa

U V W X – Y Z 
Uganda visa

Ukraine visa

UAE visa

United Kingdom visa

United States visa

Uruguay visa

Uzbekistan visa

Venezuela visa

Vietnam visa

Wallis Futuna Islands visa Yemen visa Zambia visa

Zimbabwe visa